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Pang Xunqin
Born in Jiangsu, China
Pang Xunqin was a leading researcher of Chinese decorative art and a co-founding member of the “Storm Society,” one of the most important art associations of the early twentieth century. Starting in 1925, Pang lived in Paris where he studied oil painting at the Académie Julian and was active in the city’s cultural circles. He returned to China  in 1930, and there he held numerous solo exhibitions, and founded the “Tai-mong Association” with Chang Ta-chien. It was then, in 1931 he co-founded the “Storm Society” with peers such as Lin Fengmian. In 1932 Pang wedded female artist Qiu Ti  (1906-1958). During the 1930s to early 1940s, Pang was force to move around due to war, meanwhile still continuing to teach and paint. In 1953 he founded the Central College of Arts and Crafts. In the late 1950s to 1960s, as a result of the Cultural Revolution, Pang was banned from painting and teaching. After the 1970s Pang returned to painting and also focused on academic research on Chinese traditional crafts and decoration. In 1985 he passed away in Beijing. In 1991 the Pang Xunqin Memorial Arts Museum was founded in his hometown where almost five hundred paintings are exhibited.