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Chiang Yomei
Born in Taipei
Lives and works in London, UK
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, to a Chinese-Russian father and a Chinese-German mother, Yomei studied art and literature at Skidmore College, New York, after a traditional Chinese education in Taiwan. As a child in Taiwan, she studied traditional Chinese landscape painting with the contemporary master Hu Nian-Tzu, life drawing with Li Der, and watercolour with Wang Lan. She began writing poetry from the age of ten. Later she moved to Germany to study the German language in Lüneburg and Göttingen.

In 1984, Yomei obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the History and Theory of Art and English Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK. At Kent, Yomei studied under the eminent modern art historian and critic Dr. Stephen Bann who became a great influence.

After Kent, Yomei continued to pursue the field of art history at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, specialising in Chinese painting and ceramics, studying under Dr. Roderick Whitfield and Dr. Rosemary Scott.

In 1989 Yomei began concentrating on the practice of art and embarked upon an intensely creative journey, producing paintings, drawings, collages, photography, installations, performances, artist's books, collections of poetry and short stories. In 1994 she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Winchester School of Art. A devout Buddhist practitioner, she also nurtures a strong interest in philosophy, psychology, mythology as well as quantum physics, the pursuit of which, along with her great love of music, film and literature have become inextricably linked to her creative work.

Chiang Yomei lives and works in London. Her works can be found in private and public collections in Europe and Asia.
Photo credit: Zoё MacLellan