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Joyce Ho
lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan
Joyce Ho received her M.A. in studio arts from University of Iowa. She is an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis in painting, sculpture and theater. Joyce Ho has exhibited at such venues as Kobe Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Today Art Museum and Museum of Fine Arts Shanghai, and Asian Arts Biennale, and Busan Biennale.  Since 2010, she has also worked as a script writer and theatre director. She has directed theater performances including Room 206, Four Seasons, and Semi-transparent.

Integrating details of decomposition movements, epitomes of everyday habits, and rich and illusory light and shadow, Ho's painting, installation, and video works always delineate the intimate yet distant relationship and tension between people and reality. Her unique and powerful creations simultaneously envelop her audience while keeping them in a state of being confronted, rendering the quotidian moment depicted in her work an immediate landscape or ritual.


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