Art Dusseldorf 2019

Booth B01

Venue Areal Böhler

Participating Artists Su Xiaobai, Peng Wei, Joyce Ho, Chen Ching-Yuan


Dates Nov. 15, 12 – 19 p.m.

               Nov. 16, 11 – 19 p.m.

               Nov. 17, 11 – 19 p.m.


  • Objects and Stories

    Objects displayed in contemporary art exhibits, in addition to its referencing concept, often carry a narrative or content that might be absent or suggests an alternative. The directive display thus entitles contemporary art extra depth and tactility in sentiments and culture. The space where art occurs is not just an artistic manifestation, but also more about the perceived relationship between people (artists). This exhibition titled Objects and Stories brings together Su Xiaobai, Peng Wei, Joyce Ho, and Chen Jing yuan. The four artists from different generations and distinct creative background dynamize and......

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  • Su Xiaobai, b. 1949

    Su Xiaobai

    b. 1949 View Works
  • Peng Wei, b. 1974

    Peng Wei

    b. 1974 View Works
  • Joyce Ho, b. 1983

    Joyce Ho

    b. 1983 View Works
  • Chen Ching-Yuan, b. 1984

    Chen Ching-Yuan

    b. 1984 View Works