The Interior: Utopia of a Survivor: Lin Ju Solo Exhibition

19 April - 7 May 2008

“For a man who just begins to feel that he is a survivor, his visible memory and imagination will gradually be laden with concrete weight. The utopia that connects the memory of natural history of body and the imagination of institutional and humanistic history will also become the place where the survived and the deceased are linked.” 

—Lin Ju 



Lin Ju was born in Yilan, 1959. He received the “Young Artist” award in the competition of the Lion Arts in 1979. His first solo exhibition, Lin JuThe Experiment of Pure Painting, Solitary Confinement in 90 dayswas held in 1985. He founded the art group Living Claywith his friends in 1986 and held various group shows. Since Lin Ju is not from the academic circle, his works often reveal an individual perspective that is different from the academic training. He is also known as a painter who creates dreamlike, surrealist images. In the past, Lin Ju has created performance artworks and in recent years, he concentrates on ink and oil paintings.  His works have been shown in joint exhibitions in New York, Spain, Portugal, and in cities throughout the United States.