One to All: Wang Huaiqing Solo Exhibition

16 June - 5 August 2012 TKG Foundation for Arts & Culture

The much acclaimed exhibition One to All: the Art of Wang Huaiqing at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Tina Keng G Following allery (Taipei) is pleased to present Wang Huaiqing, Wang Huaiqing’s solo exhibition, on view from September 1 to 23, 2012 (opening reception: Saturday, September 1, 16:30-19:00pm). The exhibition will provide an opportunity to see five silk tapestries and seventeen silk screens by Wang Huaiqing, made between 2008-2009, and four aluminum alloy sculptures, constructed between 2011-2012.

Wang pays much attention to the abstract language of form and space, and his interpretation of Chinese furniture distills the essence of the subject matter. Influenced by his mentor Wu Guanzhong and his theories on art, education, and life, Wang also found inspiration in the white walls, black roof tiles of the canal towns in southern China, developing an aesthetic and characteristics incorporating sensibilities old and new, immediate and distant.


The highlight of Wang Huaiqing includes handmade silk tapestries Original Place (2009), Nest of the Man (2009), and 1234567 (2009), which demonstrate the artist’s distinctive vocabulary-the solemnity and vivid contrast of black and white architectural details on handmade silk tapestries. In the exhibited works of silk screen, Wang incorporates Chinese motifs while shifting from a realistic style, such as present in Flowery Pillow (2008), Fixed Attention (2008), and Imperial Porcelains (2009), to Eastern abstraction, such as Black Charcoal in the White Snow (2008) and Calligraphy Excising Book (2009). Since 2011, Wang has also begun a series of sculptural experiments including Self and Self Shadow (2011), which probe the relationship between dimensionality and space.


Wang Huaiqing was born in Beijing, China (b. 1944), and currently lives and works in Beijing. Wang studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (1964), and was trained under Professor Zhang Ding, Wu Guanzhong, Zhu Danian, Yuan Yunfu when studying at the Graduate School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (1979). Wang later founded The Contemporaries, an avant-garde art group active in the late 1970s and early 1980s with his classmates. Notable solo exhibitions include: Traces of Nature— Art of Wang Huaiqing, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (2007), Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou (2008), Exhibition of Wang Huaiqing’s Paintings, National Museum of History, Taipei (2008), Wang Huaiqing: A Painter’s Painter in Contemporary China, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA (2010), and One to All: The Art of Wang Huaiqing, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (2012).