Manjusaka: Su Meng-hung Solo Exhibition

1 July - 1 August 2010 Taipei

In July, Tina Keng Gallery presents “Manjusaka - Su Meng-hung’s Solo Exhibition” at TKGin Neihu. This is the first solo exhibition by the young Taiwanese Artist Su Meng-hung in Tina Keng Gallery and his 21 recent works are not to be missed.


From Su Meng-hung’s creative process of his paintings, silkscreen prints, installations, and sculptures, there is evidence of the artist’s attempts in transforming traditional Chinese flowers and birds paintings into a sort of gaudy, grandiose visual icon, or by presentations of installation to turn them into a cultural symbol that is sensually appealing. Su often adapts elements of flowers and birds by later Qing Dynasty-era painters, and such visual symbols in his works are not merely driven by the desire to ridicule social markers or making those symbols inclusive to pop culture, the flowers and birds stand for the taste of aristocrats and literati. In the series of works by Su Meng-hung, the most memorable feature is the visual adaptation of Giuseppe Castiglione’s paintings, the adaptation and sampling of the patterns are similar to the emotional states expressed 250 years ago when Castiglione painted “Barn Swallow and Green Peach Blossom,” “Lotus Flower and Butterfly,” and “Flower in a Vase,” Shen Zhenlin painted “Flower Painting God” and Wang Chengpei painted “Peonies.” 


Even one’s will cannot be realized with the imperial court shadowing over, the kitsch or refined elegance still remain as an indescribable elation faintly visible in each brushstroke before us.


“Manjusaka - Su Meng-hung’s Solo Exhibition” will be presented at TKGin Neihu from today till the 1stof August.