A Decade of Reverie Tales of Contemplation: Li-lan Solo Exhibition

5 - 27 June 2010 Taipei

Tina Keng Gallery will be presenting artist Li-lan’s solo exhibition at its Neihu spaceTKG+, and the 20 works presented at this exhibition fully illustrate Li-lan’s artistic voyage over the past decade, as well as revealing to the viewers a contemporary female artist’s creative progress and development. The contemplative landscape on the canvas contains a calm and engaging place for the artist Li-lan. Beginning with empty sheets of notebooks, Li-lan has filled them in with her visual imagination, hovering ambiguously between fantasy and reality. That is her own space for free-flowing thoughts. The blankness of the white area in her paintings alludes to the air, to breath, and the rich palette of colors hints at delightful expressions. No matter if the imagery is a close-up or a zoom-out, each work reflects the artist's peace of mind and her experience of cultural journey. Everything would be told silently. Fragments of daily life, infinite unbounded imagination, and meditative contemplation, are interconnected within Li-lan's collage-like compositions. She observes, perceives, and represents the landscape of the mind with her rainbow-colored brushes.