Existential Emptiness: Cui Xiuwen Solo Exhibition

3 - 25 April 2010 Taipei

Renowned Chinese contemporary artist Cui Xiuwen opens her first solo exhibition in Taiwan at Tina Keng Gallery, which attracted numerous distinguish personages to attend its grand opening on the 3rdof April. Since year 2000, Cui Xiuwen had taken her creative path towards video art. The signature work Ladiesof the same year was acquired by Pompidou Center in 2003. She became the first Chinese artist to exhibit at Tate Modern in 2004. In March this year, Cui Xiuwen demonstrated to the media her new series of four year effort, Existential Emptiness, to raise the curtain for her world touring exhibition. TKG+, the Neihu space of Tina Keng Gallery, presents Existential Emptiness: 2010 Solo Exhibition by Cui Xiuwen, is an integral exhibition that displays the complete 20 pieces of the new series. 


EntitledExistential Emptiness, Cui’s current series introduces a number of new elements.These works are now predominantly monochromatic and refer back to the great tradition of Chinese landscape painting in both their restricted palette and horizontal format. Cui is able to transcend the specifics of a contemporary scene for a more abstract composition which along with the muted palette, long scroll format, and small scale figures elicits comparison with great masters of Chinese landscape painting. Thus the focus is no longer on the image of a young girl, but rather on the universal human drama.