Yang Mao-Lin Taiwan, b. 1953

Born in 1953 in Changhua, Taiwan

Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan


Yang Mao-Lin graduated from the fine art department of Chinese Culture University in 1979. He was the first director and a founding member of the Taipei Painting School in 1985.


Yang Mao-Lin works across diverse mediums from painting, computer animation, installation, to sculpture. Through the juxtaposition of multiple historical space-times, the artist explores Taiwan’s unique cultural phenomenon that derives from colonial hybridization, ingrained with a peculiar vibrancy. In an open-minded, humorous, and insightful way, he reflects upon Taiwan’s cultural identity that goes readily unnoticed.


Yang has exhibited extensively. Since his first solo exhibition in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1987, he has held 28 solo exhibitions. In addition to the exhibitions in Taiwan’s museums, his works have also been on view in international exhibitions and the 53rd Venice Biennial in 2009.


Yang received the 1st Hsiungshin Prize for Fine Arts in 1991 and the Contemporary Painting Prix of Li Chun Shen Foundation in 1991.