Van Gogh / Bodhidharma : ZHANG HONGTU

美國 16 February - 15 April 2018
美國 美國康乃狄克學院

Dates|2018.02.16 – 04.15
Opening and Artist Talk|2018.02.16 2-3:15 p.m.
Venue|Connecticut College



Zhang Hongtu's recent solo exhibition "Van Gogh/Bodhidharma" will open at Connecticut College on Friday, February 16, 2 - 4:30p.m., featuring the artist's series of Van Gogh-Bodhidharma (2007-2014). The exhibition consists of 39 ink paintings in total, “remaking” all of Vincent van Gogh’s extant self-portraits in the style of classical Zen portraits of Bodhidharma, the founding patriarch of Zen Buddhism. This will be the first time that this series has been exhibited together. The artist has also created a new video installation specifically for this show. Visit the exhibition and see how the artist once again creates his own distinguished style by juxtaposing the East and West.



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