A Beautiful Disorder: TU WEI-CHENG

英國,西薩塞克斯郡 3 July - 6 November 2016
英國,西薩塞克斯郡 卡斯特雕塑基金會

Dates|2016.07.03 - 2016.11.06
Venue|Cass Sculpture Foundation



One month to go! " A Beautiful Disorder," the Cass Sculpture Foundation's first major exhibition of newly commissioned outdoor sculpture by contemporary Chinese artists will be open on 2017.07.03! Being the only invited Taiwanese artist, Tu Wei Cheng has started the project since 2014. Last summer, he organized the "Bu Num Civilisation Wheel Workshop " in UK. Participants were invited to take part in making molds, which were later cast into bronze. These casts formed a component of Tu Wei-Cheng’s final work, and exhibited in the grounds of Cass Sculpture Foundation as part of the A Beautiful Disorder exhibition. The sculpture made of a collection objects formed together to resemble an archeological discovery.

The sculpture "Bu Num Civilisation Wheel" is 3.5 meter in height and 3 tons in weigh, which appropriates aesthetic representations of an archaeological dig. Whilst at Cass Sculpture Foundation, Tu developed five excavation sites, each about five square meters in size and one meter deep. Within these sites, ‘cultural relics’ have been unearthed, whilst others remain buried deep underground. In contrast to the usual discoveries at excavation sites the discovered ‘cultural relics’ at CASS are in fact Tu Wei Cheng’s sculptures. Upon close inspection of this work items such as USB drives, computer hardware, speakers, mobile phones, floppy disks, remote controls and even Internet cable slots and motherboards are discernible. Once viewers discover these disguised forms of contemporary objects, they realise the absurdist humour behind the entire archaeological site.