The Fabled Shoots ll - Bloody Beauty: Su Hui-Yu Solo Exhibition

18 April - 10 May 2009

Bloody Beauty is a continuation of the 2007 work TheFabledShoots. The difference in the current work is that it relies more on an entertaining orientation and goal, and less on a sermonizing, provocative kind of parody. For this work, I wanted to draw in the viewer with extraordinary beauty. The reasons for this are simple: I wanted to make work that appealed both to the eye and intellect to meet the needs of different viewers, which would at the same time present the many important concepts that I put in the work. 


This is indeed the truth. These works are probably the most visually attractive of the FabledShootsseries. BloodyBeautydoes not discuss violence or the issue of violence in the media directly, but rather touches upon the topic of how violence in the media has become something we love. 


The inherent logic of the media is one of the core issues in the FabledShootsseries. An attractive presentation, a stimulating plot and content that goes slightly beyond limits. These features found throughout the entire creation process of BloodyBeautyfollow the logic of the media, which is nothing too complicated. Perhaps this is why the viewer is able to get thorough answers to the questions like: what does the media ultimately offers us? and how does the media give this to us? 


Because the work is direct enough, you can realize everything at once.