A forerunner of Taiwanese modern art, the Tina Keng Gallery hinges upon the philosophy that art is a reflection of the times. The Tina Keng Gallery has its roots in the Lin & Keng Gallery (1992–2009) based in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China. Delving into Western painting and Chinese art history, Lin & Keng tirelessly promoted the work of Asian classical masters, cultivating a critical thought on Greater Chinese modern art. The Tina Keng Gallery has continued this tradition by centering its focus on Asia, further excavating art history and rediscovering modern aesthetics. Upon this foundation, the Tina Keng Gallery is steadfast in nurturing Taiwanese modern and contemporary art, with hopes to capture the changing states of art through writings of history, in so doing highlighting the cultural underpinnings of its worldview. Art arises from culture, and culture mirrors the times. The Tina Keng Gallery endeavors not only to support Greater Chinese modern and contemporary art, but to shape a perspective that is elementally Asian.