A forerunner of Taiwanese modern art, Tina Keng Gallery hinges upon the philosophy that art is a reflection of the times. The Tina Keng Gallery has its roots in the Lin & Keng Gallery (1992–2009) based in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China. Delving into Western abstract painting and Chinese art history, Lin & Keng tirelessly promoted the work of Asian classical masters such as Sanyu, Wu Dayu, Yun Gee, and Zao Wou-Ki, cultivating a critical thought on Greater Chinese modern art. The Tina Keng Gallery (2009–) has continued this tradition by centering its focus on Asia, further excavating art history and rediscovering modern aesthetics. Upon this foundation, Tina Keng Gallery is steadfast in nurturing Taiwanese modern and contemporary art, with hopes to capture the changing states of art through writings of history, in so doing highlighting the cultural underpinnings of its worldview.


A crystallization of culture, art reflects the spirit of the times. Pivoting around the singular taste and aesthetics that emerge from its navigation of the temporal dimension, Tina Keng Gallery has transfigured Taiwan’s gallery industry, art collecting scene, and the promotion of art. At the forefront of Taiwan’s gallery scene, Tina Keng Gallery upholds a propulsive vision for future generations that manifests as its sister brand TKG+, which instantiates contemporaneity and the vanguard. Together they forge ahead not only with aspiration and persistence to catapult Taiwanese contemporary art into the international limelight, but with a profound sense of responsibility and mission for cultural production.