Ying Hung Hong Kong, b. 1958

Born in 1958 in Hong Kong

Liveand workin New York


Hung received her BA from the fine arts department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1980, and her MFA from the Pratt Institute in New York in 1987. She has lived and worked in New York.


Hung combines images and abstract elements in her paintings, sculptures, and works on paper to create the reality that she perceives. Cultural and historical memory and societal changes are the triggers for her artistic motivation. She uses the techniques of superimposition, juxtaposition, and re-contextualization to invoke new narratives or interpretive possibilities. Sometimes she employs comic pictorial language of exaggeration to emphasize the existence of alienation and vulnerability. The artist's works can be viewed as a series of puzzles to bring forth a complex and contrastive sensory experience, threatening yet humorous, beautiful yet chaotic, vulgar yet mysterious. And it is through this visual paradox that she shows us a civilization irrevocably disfigured.


Hung has exhibited internationally, including in New York, Taiwan, and China. She participated in the Art Biennale hosted by the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1983, and her work has been shown in New York, including PS1 (1990) and the Bronx Museum of the Arts (2000). Since 1994, Hung has participated in group and solo exhibitions in major museum and galleries in Taiwan, such as Mind and Matter: Derivation (2019) and Perpetual Journey (2010), Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan; and Turning Gazes: Woman and Arts in Dialogue, Juming Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (2013).