The Hantoo Movement 2021: YANG Mao-Lin, WU Tien-Chang,TU Wei-Cheng

福利社 FreeS Art Space 25 December 2021 - 22 January 2022
福利社 FreeS Art Space 台北市中山區新生北路三段82號B1 免費入場 星期二-星期六 11:00-19:00

The Hantoo Movement 2021​

LIN Yu-Chin​
HUANG Ding-Jun​
YANG Mao-Lin, WU Tien-Chang, LU Hsien-Ming, KUO Wei-Kuo, LEE Min-Jong, LIEN Chien-Hsing, Yang Jen-Ming, LAI Hsin-Lung, TANG Tang-Fa, TU Wei-Cheng, DENG Wen-Jen, CHANG Ling, CHEN Ching-Yao​

Dec 25, 2021 – Jan 22, 2022​
Dec 25 (17:00)​
Jan 8 (14:30 – 16:00)​
Simon CHENG​


Hantoo Art Group has been hosting solo or collective exhibitions since its establishment in 1998, which posed a great impact on Taiwanese art community. In 2017, Hantoo’s HARDCORD RALLY with Hantoo Art Group in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In 2018, Fight Club
Hantoo 20th in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and Poson in Taitung Art Museum. In 2020, Hantoo went back to where it started, FreeS Art Space, to put up OldWays, Young Hantoo 2020. This year, we shall see Hantoo 2021: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining in Pingtung Art Museum.​

Hantoo has been through the great shift of our social, economic, and political landscape in the 1990s, when martial law was lifted, carrying the revolutionary energy and four decades of memories. The name, Hantoo hence emerges in every single art museum, art gallery and exhibition space. As an art group whose members are born across 1950-1970, Hantoo draws public attention through their issue-based collection of works, addressing our own subjectivity, local post-colonialism, humanity, reflections on environment and human beings, fake news, and reality, and so on.​

Its members, facing the colonel impact and the speech restriction, spoke not but denounce the authority with metaphors in artworks during period of Martial Law, and the provocative messages within pile up to be strength. It eventually becomes a vision, or an exit for thoughts, mirroring the original revolt nature of human race.​

Only through the practice of body and art could we see the possibility of communication and integration. Just as it is stated in its very first exposition Hantoo Art Group Major Exhibition, “Art is something we could learn to appreciate.” When we are trying to interpret Hantoo as a long-term art movement, we could probably grasp a better sense of what Hantoo really is today.​

Hantoo, as a movement, goes not only for a universal purpose or a general rebellion, but it amplifies the diversity and sensitivity to create meanings. At meanwhile, it proposes a social space, in which an imagination of every person or social issue being equally seen and valued is possible.​

Incidents, so to speak past expositions, which used to serve as tipping points, would stop generating meaning or promoting conversations. “Hantoo, as the occurring revolution,” catches the historical moment and social change in the rather raw, subjective, and divergent way. It would eventually shake up the dominant norm with its lively cultural vitality– the everlasting Hantoo Movement.​