The Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan: Yang Mao-Lin, Wu Tien-Chang, Lin Ju

Taipei Fine Arts Museum 3 December 2022 - 26 February 2023 
Taipei Fine Arts Museum Galleries 1A, 1B, Taipei Fine Arts Museum 相關連結

Exhibition|Images Creation: Contemporary Virtual Narratives
Veune|Galleries 1A, 1B, Taipei Fine Arts Museum



Jun-Jieh WANG, Chien-Hung HUANG


Introduction to the Exhibition

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) is delighted to present The Wild Eighties: Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan, curated by the TFAM director Jun-Jieh WANG and scholar Chien-Hung HUANG. Focusing on the 1980s in Taiwan, the dawn of the transdisciplinary and self-enlightenment, the exhibition takes the audience into an exploration of the vibrant cultural scenes, in which visual arts, theater, new cinema, music, and literature interwove and collided in the socio-political milieu at the time, and further opens up multiple perspectives for possible historical narratives. The exhibition features more than seven hundred works, archives, audio and video documentaries recordings, and interviews.


The exhibition is originated from a collaborative research project between the TFAM and the Taipei National University of the Arts, bringing forth the fruitful result from a three-year period of preliminary research, interviews, surveys, and preparation. The 1980s was a critical period in which the present-day politics and social reality in Taiwan was shaped. This period ushered in diverse development in the Taiwanese art fields, and generated ample cultural momentum that eventually burst in the 1990s. In the experience and context of the 1980s Taiwan, “the transdisciplinary,” signaled an imagination and pursuit of professionalism in a not yet systemized state, in which these fields became intermixed and collided without clearly defined boundaries. The exhibition comprises five sub-topics, namely, “Avant-Garde and Experimental,” “Politics and Taboo,” “Translation and Hybridity,” “Local, Global, and Identity,” and “Convergence and Onward.”